HP Printer Troubleshooting Guide Having Two Major Issues With Solution

The generationof manufacturing many same copies of the uniquetextual content to enable a huge readership is noted as “Printing”. This concept dates again to 220AD, then regarded as “Woodblock Printing “ in China which then developed into the movable type in 1040 by way of Bi Sheng, the discovery of printing press by using Gutenberg in the15th century brought the actual revolution within theway printing started to be widely introduced to use. From then on there had been upgradations within theera with varying varieties in step with user’s needstarting from personal, shared virtual and three-D printers.

The gift article has been penned down to help our readers with the troubleswhich might be faced when the printer refuses to obey the printing commands.

HP Printer Troubleshooting Steps Check This Out

Here we can be speakme of HP printer troubleshooting guide, the maximum extensively used printer logo endowed American enterprise Hewlett Packard within the 12 months 1984. Since HP offers the first-rate of generation to its customers it sometimes becomes troublesome to be operated.However, the organisation has come up with the help system for its customers within the name of HP printer troubleshooting guide,that has been hooked up in computers from the year 2012. With this hooked up guide feature, in the section below we’ve got enumerated some fundamental useful ways by using which a person can himself troubleshoot his HP printer.

1. Before Any Technicalities Walk The Easiest Way :Check The Basic Connection Step-To-Step

Check whether or not the basic connection among your Hp printer and computer is intact. Another become to unplug the gadgets for a couple of minutesand then restart. Hope after this process your Hp printer troubleshooting manual works.

2. Get The Fault Rectified With Driver Easy Application

After checking the simple connection if your HP printer not printing black text, the next first-classway is to either replace or reinstall your driver. You easily and efficaciouslycarry out this function using “DriverEasy”. It works like a seasoned in searching the greattool the three million device drivers. To down load and install observethese steps:

After downloading and putting in the Driver Easy software programclick on Driver Easy and select “Scan Now Button”.Wait till the software program scans for any troubledevices.
In order to down load the most appropriate driver on yourdeviceclick on “Update” option next in your HP printer troubleshooting for your Driver Easy screen.

To Uninstall The Driverread on :

Open the installed “Driver Easy” and from the alternativesat the left column, click “Tools”.
From amongst the optionsclick on “Driver Uninstall”.
Look in your HP tool to be uninstalled and click on on “Uninstall” button on the bottom rightcorner of the screen, you canadditionallyclick on on “Update All “

What are the great functions of Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365 comes with a full list of tools in order to makes employeesextra productive & efficient. A few rich functions to leverage are cited below:

  1. Real-Time Co-Authoring (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  2. Official chats with co-people in Office apps
  3. Turning OneNote objects into Outlook calendar events
  4. Using your mouse as a laser pointer for better PowerPointpresentations
  5. Power Map in Excel: Turning statistics into a map
  6. Resume Reading your Word documents
  7. 50GB of electronic mail storage
  8. Retrieving the rightversion of a document
  9. Reply in-line to e mailwithoutopening it
  10. Working anywhere from any device
  11. Office 365 Planner to assistarrange your team’s workflow
  12. Intelligent e mail inbox that can de-clutter itself

Instructions to accelerate your COMPUTER

Is your PC running moderate? It doesn’t really mean you have to dump it in the trash. Once in a while the entirety of your PC needs is a decent restart, cleaning, or updates. A very much kept up framework brings about a glad, perky PC.

Shutdown Your Computer

While this doesn’t fall under the “clean your PC” umbrella, lackluster showing might be just abundance garbage dumped into your PC’s framework memory.

Some of the time you simply need to SHUTDOWN the PC — not just let it rest, enter hibernation, or restart — so the memory sticks totally channel. Without power, memory can’t hold any information.

At the point when you walk out on, you start with a semi-clean start.

Update your software

Guaranteeing your PC’s product is state-of-the-art is perhaps the least demanding approaches to conceivably accelerate your PC. Quite a bit of your program’s could be helpless before outsider designers who are less strict than large name engineers like Microsoft and Apple with regards to giving updates.

In any case, checking that Windows 10 is exceptional ought to be a top need. Now and again, lazy execution comes from Windows 10 when it’s as of now refreshing or potentially needs to restart. Updates can fix execution issues notwithstanding improving security, which is the reason Windows 10 needs to stay current.

Stage 1: Click the warning symbol close to the framework clock and select the All Settings tile in the Action Center.

Stage 2: Select Update and Security inside the Settings application.

Stage 3: The Windows Update classification shows up naturally. Snap the Check for Updates button.

Windows 10 ordinarily introduces significant updates naturally, yet it’s consistently ideal to check and ensure that everything is current.

You should also verify that all Windows 10 apps are current. Again, you may experience sluggish performance while Windows 10 updates these apps and needs to reboot.

Defragment your hard drive

Note: SSDs don’t require defragmentation. In fact, the technique could shorten its lifespan because cells degrade as data is written and erased.
Drive fragmentation is because of deleting old documents and writing new ones of their place. When your PC changed into once baby-sparkling new, the tough drive wrote information in an ordered sequence. However, while chunks of information are deleted, the ultimate gaps are used by new data which are now not a part of the original sequence. Because data is out of sequence, the force have to search in multiple places for the requested statistics. This procedure takes longer than if all the facts changed into organized in a logical sequence, thus lowering your PC’s standard performance.

However, fragmentation is an trouble with mechanical drives, not SSDs. That’s due to the fact records is written to tracks on a spinning disk — just like how track exists in grooves on a vinyl record, handiest mechanical force information is held magnetically. If statistics is living in a couple of tracks and a couple of platters, the read heads take longer to access that records.

The good news right here is that Windows 10 routinely acknowledges the distinction among a mechanical drive and an SSD. It also does an notable job preserving your pressure(s) neat and tidy. However, if you suspect a hard pressure may additionally go through long study and write times, checking the modern optimization state is a good idea. Do the following:
Step 1: Type Defrag within the taskbar’s search subject and pick Defragment and Optimize Drives in the results.

Step 2: The Optimize Drives window appears on your screen. Select a pressure and click on the Optimize button.

For a mechanical pressure, you’ll see a further Analyze button. This will quickly test the force’s fragment level and offer a percentage. This button is inactive for SSDs.

By default, Windows 10 optimizes all drives each week. To change the schedule, click the Change settings button. You can modify or disable the scheduling, growth the tasks, alternate the priority, and pick out the power you need automatically optimized.

Top 3 Mistakes a computer user make.

Keep a computer on a surge protector or UPS

If you plug your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone into a wall outlet consider using a surge protector instead. A surge protector can help keep your computer protected during an electrical storm and make sure that nothing is damaged if a surge travels over your power lines.

APC Battery Backup
Also, if you are using a desktop computer we highly recommend also using a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) on your computer. Although these can be more expensive, a UPS protects your computer from a surge, brown out, and keeps the computer running if the power goes out for a minute or two.

Not saving work

While working on a document either offline or online make sure that the program is automatically saving your work. If a program does not automatically save your work, you need to make sure you are saving your work every 10-15 minutes. If the computer loses power, Internet connection, or the program crashes everything is lost that hasn’t been saved.

Not backing up important files

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is not backing up important information. Today, there are so many different methods of backing up your information that there is no longer any excuse for not backing up your information. Make sure to backup all important information before it is too late.

What is Microsoft Outlook???

Outlook is an e-mail software program by Microsoft that enables users to send and receive e-mail on their computer. There are two versions of Outlook; Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook Express is a slimmed down version of the Microsoft Outlook software family and was first included with Windows 98 and included with all versions of Windows up to Windows XP. With the introduction of Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced Windows Mail.

Microsoft Outlook is a commercial product available in a stand-alone version or part of the Microsoft Office package. This program is a much more full program with better corporate support and additional features not found in the free edition. Below is an example of Microsoft Outlook.

How do I determine the type and speed of my processor?

There are multiple ways to determine the speed of a computer processor. The following sections contain details on various methods.

Windows users

If you are running Microsoft Windows, you can determine the processor type and speed by pressing the Windows Key and Pause key at the same time. Doing so opens a System window similar to one of the examples below.

In this window, you should see the manufacturer of the processor (e.g., Intel or AMD), the model of the processor (e.g., Core 2), and the speed (e.g., 1.86 GHz). For new versions of Windows, it also shows you the System type, which in the Windows 8 example below shows a 64-bit operating system on an x64 processor.

The Windows 8 computer has an “Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40 GHz 3.40 GHz.” Intel is the brand and company of the processor, Core i7-2600 is the model of the processor, and 3.40 GHz is the speed of the processor.

macOS users

If you are running macOS, you can determine the processor speed by following the steps below.

Click on the Apple menu (the Apple icon in the top left corner).
Select About This Mac in the menu.
On the Overview tab, look for the Processor entry, which will list the speed of the processor in your Mac computer.

Linux users

In a Linux OS, you can use one of the following commands to view information about the processor in the computer.

$ cat /proc/cpuinfo
$ less /proc/cpuinfo
$ more /proc/cpuinfo

What is Instagram??

Instagram is a photo sharing and social networking service. Users can take photos or short videos, and share them with their followers. Instagram posts can also be shared on other social networks, such as Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.

Similar to Facebook, Instagram displays content in a feed format. When the user scrolls to view photos, new ones are chosen by an algorithm and appended to the end of the feed. The result is a never-ending stream of content, customized for the user.

What Is WHOIS??

Whois may refer to any of the following:

  1. WHOIS is an Internet service and utility that shows additional information about a domain, the registrar of the domain, and the IP address. When trying to come up with a domain name for a new website, performing a WHOIS allows you to determine if that name is registered or available.

How is WHOIS pronounced?
The WHOIS command and service is pronounced as two separate words “who is” and is not an acronym, even though it is typed in all uppercase.

What information is contained in a WHOIS?
When a domain is registered though a domain name registrar, ICANN requires that the registration information be made publicly available. The WHOIS record must include the registrars name, the creation date, updated date, and expiration date. Other information can include the name servers and the registrant, admin, and technical contact information.

What is Alexa??

Alexa may refer to any of the following:

  1. Alexa is an artificial intelligence digital assistant developed by
    Amazon. Using voice commands, users can talk to Alexa to perform device shortcuts, play media, and control third-party devices and applications through Alexa Skills.

Alexa is supported on most current Amazon devices, including the Fire TV, Amazon Echo, and Kindle devices. Select third-party devices and speakers may also include the assistant. To use Alexa on your iOS or Android smartphone, you can download the Alexa app for free.

Alexa is an Amazon.com company that was originally founded in April 1996. It uses information collected from users who have the Alexa browser toolbar installed to build more intelligent Internet and traffic ratings. Alexa can help determine general statistics for your web page and blog, and is one of the best ways to compare your site with your online competition.

However, keep in mind that Alexa traffic ratings are only based on users who have the Alexa Toolbar installed. If you want exact traffic data for your website, we recommend using Google Analytics.

What is Flash?

Flash may refer to any of the following:

  1. Flash is an abbreviation for flash memory.


  1. Short for Adobe Flash, Flash is software that allows users to create animated works that are saved as .FLV and can be viewed over the Internet. It was originally developed by FutureWave and known as Future Splash Animator. In 1996, it was renamed and introduced to the public as Macromedia Flash, shortly after Macromedia purchased the product. Later, Adobe announced plans to purchase Macromedia, which was finalized and completed by the end of 2005.