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How to change my printer from Portrait to Landscape mode

Of course, numerous printers are set to print in Portrait mode. Changing this setting to Landscape mode should be possible one of the two different ways referenced underneath. Change mode in Page Setup In programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, or different projects you can print from, the page direction can be changed in […]

How do I update my antivirus if the license is expiring?

To refresh an antivirus program (e.g., AVG, Norton, McAfee, and so on), the product should be dynamic, which means it has not lapsed. On the off chance that your antivirus programming is terminating soon or has lapsed, you need to either reestablish the permit or buy another antivirus program. To recharge the product, open the […]

How would I know what amount of battery life my PC has left?

When using laptops and netbooks, it’s important to keep a close eye on the status of your battery. Depending on your operating system, this can be done in a few different ways. Windows 10 In Windows 10, discover how much battery power is left by tapping the battery symbol in the Windows Notification Area in […]

Do you know about Computer Cleaning Tools..??

Although laptop cleaning merchandise are available, you may additionally use household objects to clean your pc and its peripherals. Below is a list of items you may want or need to use while cleansing your computer. Cleaning Cloth: A cotton material is the exceptional tool used while rubbing down pc components. Paper towels may be used with maximum hardware, but we constantly recommend using a fabric each time possible. However, only use a cloth whilst cleaning components together with the case, a drive, mouse, and keyboard. Don’t use a cloth to smooth any circuitry which include the RAM or motherboard. Water or rubbing alcohol: When moistening a cloth, it is pleasant to apply water or rubbing alcohol. Other […]

Do you know how to automatically repeat YouTube videos

On a laptop or pc computer, YouTube lets in you to repeat a video you’re watching. Additionally, there are free, third-party services that can help you with repeating videos. The following steps will teach you how to positioned any YouTube video on repeat. Loop a video inside YouTube YouTube now allows you to loop any video by means of right-clicking on the video or play button, and then choosing the Loop alternative from the drop-down menu that appears. How to position a YouTube video on […]